• Thomas

Galien River

Thomas looking out at a view of the river.
Panorama view from the observation tower.

I have been busy the past two weeks. I went for my first real excursion of the year on the morning of the 21st. My family was staying in New Buffalo, Michigan over spring break, right in the southwest corner of the state. A bit too early in the season for some good migrating birds, but I had some fun being out in nature for the first time in months. The park we went to on Galien river had a giant observation deck that stood over the river and swayed in the wind while we walked on it. There was also a nice boardwalk that we walked on to see some semipalmated plovers, and a couple eastern phoebes perching under the deck. Overall, a nice outing to start of the year, with not a lot of birds but some nice FOYs. You have to start somewhere!

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