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A Great July 4th Weekend

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Today was a nice summer’s day at Jackson park. A great start to an action packed July 4th weekend. A nice Saturday morning full of birds that are not new but always a delight to see. We had some friends and family in town for Independence Day and my day was spent going from engagement to engagement. Nevertheless, I showed up at 8 AM with coffee in hand to find birds. It is a unique skill to bird while holding a coffee, but it is one that I have perfected over multiple outings. ;)

It keeps getting hotter and hotter in the first days of July, and I am currently training for a marathon. It is HOT each morning, to the point where I will wake up at 7 AM, and by the end of my run it will be 80 degrees. Birding in the morning is a bit of a predicament, because then I have to run when it is later in the day, and it is unbearably sunny by the lakefront. I can only imagine how hard it will be to work up the courage to go run in the coming hot months.

A mostly standard array of birds today, but I enjoyed getting out in nature after a hard week of work. Nothing much else to report.

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