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Hello! I am Thomas O'Connor, and this blog is where I will record my birding adventures.  Starting in September 2020, I am doing a little Big Year. A "Big Year" is a birding term meaning that a birder is going to try to see as many bird species as possible in a given year. People like Kenn Kaufman, Neil Hayward and Christian Hagenlocher have done really inspiring Big Years. There is even a movie about Sandy Komito, Greg Miller, and Al Levantin's very interesting Big Years. The movie is called (drumroll please....) The Big Year, and stars Owen Wilson, Jack Black, and Steve Martin. I have no pretensions of coming close to them, and I would never pretend to be a skilled enough birder to pull off a Big Year yet. However, as we are all in isolation and, thus, have few challenges except for staying healthy and sane, I thought it would be okay for me to try to do a "very modest," let's call it a "little" Big Year. This will help me strive to do something fun and healthy and to get out into nature. Thankfully, it is relatively easy to bird while six feet apart! So, with more than a dollop of modesty, I hereby declare that I am doing a little 2020-21 academic year Big Year. Let it be so! 

September 2020 -September 2021

2020-21 Species Count: 97

Species Count

September 11, 2021

Jackson Park

89. Philadelphia Vireo

90. Warbling Vireo

91. Red-eyed vireo

92. Gray-cheeked Thrush

93. Northern waterthrush

94. Bay-breasted warbler

95. Blackpoll warbler

96. Red-shouldered hawk

97. Rose-breasted grosbeak

August 28, 2021

Lake George

88. Bald eagle

June 28, 2021

Pomona College

82. White-throated swift

83. Anna's hummingbird

84. Acorn woodpecker

85. Black phobe

86. Common raven

87. California towhee

June 26, 2021

Jackson Park

75. Eastern kingbird

76. Cliff swallow

77. Purple martin

78. Cedar waxwing

79. Orchard oriole

80. Baltimore oriole

81. Common yellowthroat

May 22, 2021

Kroc Field

74. Monk parakeet

April 18, 2021

Jackson Park

59. Blue-winged teal

60. Caspian tern

61. Red-tailed hawk

62. Brown Creeper

63. Brown Thrasher

64. Chipping Sparrow

65. Dark-eyed Junco

66. Brown-headed cowbird

May 15, 2021

Jackson Park

69. Blue-gray gnatcatcher

70. Red-breasted nuthatch

71. Wood thrush

72. Palm warbler

73. Indigo bunting

May 14, 2021

Jackson Park

67. Spotted Sandpiper

68. Green heron

April 10, 2021

Jackson Park

53. Red-Breasted Mergaser

54. Mourning Dove

55. American Coot

56. Northern Rough-Winged Swallow

57. Swamp Sparrow

58. Yellow-Rumped Warbler

March 22, 2021

Galien River County Park

51. Tree Swallow 

52. Eastern Phoebe

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