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Early Morning in Burnham Nature Preserve

Fall asters.

A nice quick early morning birding trip this weekend. We got to the Burnham Nature Sanctuary at 7:15 in the morning to quickly catch some birds before a long day. It is a small park right next to Lake Shore Drive that is part of the Burnham Wildlife Corridor, a larger project focusing on over 100 acres of land that the city has dedicated to nature and wildlife and stretches all the way from Hyde Park to the McCormick Place. It is named after Daniel Burnham, a famous architect, urban designer, and power-broker from the early days of Chicago, who was also an environmentalist and fought against pollution and for conservation in the 1800s (I often get it confused with Birnam wood, the forest from Macbeth that marches on Dunsinane). The nature sanctuary is a nice path with a clean boardwalk overlooking a bunch of marsh and native grasses.

The highlight was a swamp sparrow that we spotted for a second popping out of the brush. The only drawback from this spot is the constant noise of cars coming to and fro on Lake Shore Drive. But, as the migration season winds down, it is nice to just go out there and bird!

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