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Bobolink Meadows in the Rain

The first very birdy day of the year for me. My mom and I birded the east end of Jackson Park in the bobolink meadows. Although most warblers species still haven’t made it to Cook County yet there were some nice early migrants to see. We saw and heard some song sparrows and their loud, buzzy, airy song. A flock of red-breasted


mergansers was in the lagoon for some of our time there, too. It is always nice to see one of the less common duck species instead of mallards or wood ducks (even though both are very beautiful). I think it always spices up the outing.

Some other nice birds were an American coot and a swamp sparrow. A red-winged blackbird also did a territorial display directed at us (see the picture).

I enjoy watching the behavior of bird species, and I find them just as fascinating as their beautiful plumages.

In this particular display the blackbird will open its wings to make itself look bigger while calling. My mom and I swiftly moved along so as to not bother it. To a good migration season!

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